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kodakplaysport1The Mac Observer
Kodak Debuts Pocket-Size, Waterproof Playsport Video Camera

By Brad Cook
Kodak on Wednesday introduced its new Playsport high-definition video camera, which is waterproof up to ten feet underwater and features a pocket-size form factor. Built-in software allows users to edit video clips and upload them to such web sites as YouTube and Facebook via USB. Playsport also features electronic image stabilization, 1080p HD video capture at 30 fps. READ MORE

googlenexusphoneLos Angeles Times
Google unveils new mobile phone

By Jessica Guynn
Internet giant Google just unveiled the Nexus One, a smartphone that it bills as the connection between the phone and the Web, at a news conference this morning at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters.

A company spokesman said the smartphone is the next step in Google’s ambitious strategy to spread its dominance on personal computers to the emerging market of mobile advertising and products. Key to that strategy is pushing for devices that smoothly run Google’s growing number of consumer products. READ MORE


Is It Worth More than a Cup of Coffee?

slideproject1aBy Robert Lachman
It must be Friday so it?s time for, ?Is it Worth More Than a Cup Coffee??

This week I found an old Kodak slide projector tucked away in the garage. Having a projector was a necessity at one time. Now, who owns a projector? The dusty old projector isn’t worth much so I?m going with the cup of coffee today.

I decided I needed to take a break from writing on Fridays. I need some exercise, so I have started, ?Is it worth more than a cup-of-coffee, Fridays??

Any outside submissions would be greatly appreciated. I just need two photographs (cell phone quality is perfect. That?s what I use). Take a close up of your old technology and any drink: wine, soda, tea or coffee. It couldn?t be any easier. The email address in the left sidebar. Have a nice weekend!

My Dad’s Kodachrome Images (#19)


Check out the photo of Bob Hope taken with 35mm Kodak Kodachrome film by my Dad in 1962 as he take a break to play golf during one of the Christmas trips entertaining the troops.