Review: ColcaSac Laptop Sleeve

macsleeveBy Robert Lachman

This week I am going to review the MacBook sleeve protector made by Colcasac which works with the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and a smaller version for the iPhone.

The distinctive sleeve which uses a simple velcro closure to secure the laptop, includes a small pocket on the exterior to hold the charger or a couple of CDs or DVDs.

This case has an old-school feel. It?s almost seems like you might find an old photo of a young Steve Jobs or Woz back in the day using a sleeve case like this if they had just invented the MacBook laptops a few years earlier.

The exterior of the sleeve (in top photo) is made from a basket weave canvas materials. The interior of the sleeve is lined with a very warm and fuzzy polyester sherpa fleece. It certainly will keep your MacBook Pro or MacBook protected with it?s woolly feel.

macsleeve2The Colcasac sleeve doesn?t have any handles or shoulder straps so it?s best designed for added protection in your brief case, shoulder bag or backpack. It wouldn?t be great for carrying any long distances by itself.

Ok, Why do I need a case like this? It?s perfect for those who are looking for something different than the typical Neoprene form-fitting style case or translucent hardshell case. Remember there?s only room for your computer and the power adapter but, not much else.

The Colcasac sleeve is definitely a niche style product. So if you?re looking for a softer, more friendly looking sleeve style protector for your laptop, be sure to take a look at it on their website: The ColcaSac sleeve I tried sells for $33.