My Random Thoughts: No Magic

magicmouseBy Robert Lachman
I?m trying to figure out what the new Magic Mouse looks like. Any thoughts or suggestions? It sure is streamlined and at the $69 price point it sure is tempting…

I didn?t feel the magic yesterday at Best Buy when I tried out Apple?s new smooth, sleek, touch-top Magic Mouse. It just felt and looked flat. I guess I need a little more substance with my mouse and a scroll wheel. I?m still waiting for a scroll wheel Apple, not a tiny scroll ball like the last mouse, or a flat top-like the new one….

Apple score one point for their computers and Microsoft scores one point for their variety of mice.

I haven?t tried Windows 7 yet…

Just when I was all set to buy the Kindle ebook reader for my wife for Christmas, Barnes & Noble introduced Nook, their entry into the field. Kindle or Nook? I hate making decisions….

Back to work for me after being sick for four days and having my regular days off. Have a nice week…

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  1. I received delivery of my Kindle-2 today and given the wide ranging reviews that I read before purchasing, I opened the box with some trepedation. I have had no experience with Kindle-1 but I have a friend who has become addicted. So where am I? It has been a great experience thus far. The Kindle seems all that it was cracked up to be. I have put it through its paces and it has performed to perfection. It is quick and responsive and reading from the default font is easy. Navigating the menu is almost intuitive and becomes easier and easier as you go. It is comfortable to hold (with the Kindle Cover) and makes a hard cover book feel almost klutzy and awkward by comparison. The buttons work well even with my large fingers and the navigating 5-position control is easily mastered and easy to use effectively.
    I am 71 years old and read at least one or two books per week and this reader is easy on the eyes. I rely on hard copy (an old habit I am not able to break)and I was able to easily download all 99 pages of the User’s Guide to have in hand. It is comprehensive and essential, given the variety of material covered. I find it easier to have it in hand than navigating through the on-screen version. (I’ve use the word “easy” or some derivative at least 8 times but that says it all)
    My first download was the new Joe Torre book (I’m a life long Yankee fan) but I ran into a problem with my default account information. Not to worry…a quick call to Customer Service solved the problem with less than a 2 minute wait for a connection. They were very helpful and stayed with me until all my account information was corrected. The whole experience took only 10 minutes.
    Today Joe Torre, tomorrow the N.Y. Times and then the world.

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