Newport Pier: Two Views & Cameras


Photograph with Canon G10 by Robert Lachman ? 2010 – Newport Beach, California


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman ? 2010 – Newport Beach, California

It was a quick trip by the Newport Beach Pier on our way to the Crab Cooker Restaurant last night. For the top photograph, I used my Canon G10 with a tripod from the south side of the pier recording three exposures (+2, 0, -2) of the scene.

Next, it was post processing with Photomatix to combine the photos for the (HDR) High Dynamic effect. This bring the best of each exposure to the final image. The final touch was the artistic edgy touch added with the Adjust 4 plug-in for Photoshop from Topaz Labs.

The bottom photograph was taken with my iPhone 3GS with the Hipstamatic app. I’m sure you already figured that out already.

The best part of the evening was dinner out with my wife Lorelei. Have a great day! Is it time for coffee? 😉 -RL