Chase Jarvis Day on Photo and Mac

When is an iPhone better than a DSLR?

By Heather Kelly

Chase Jarvis has a lot of very expensive camera equipment, his own photo studio, and years of experience as a professional advertising photographer. His current camera of choice? An iPhone.

Before this shot was taken, Chase and his wife Kate were enjoying a glass of wine on the deck of a beachside cabin, watching the sunset. When she stood up he saw her reflection in the window and instinctively reached for his iPhone.

?My iPhone just happens to be sitting in my lap, so I hold up the camera, say ?hang on a second hon,? and snap this picture. It?s her profile, the sunset, the trees, and how you can sort of see inside the cabin in this weird mystical way?if you look you can even see the 70s lampshades and wood paneling.? READ MORE…