December 2009

Got Coffee and Went to the Beach

beachday1“Huntington Beach” -? iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman @2009

I decided I needed to check out the waves this morning after getting coffee at Donut Hut.? Ok, there was a donut thrown in there somewhere. It’s a great way to start the day. It looks like the weather should be perfect again for tomorrow’s Rose Parade and football game. I can’t really say I’m too fired up for the Oregon Ducks versus the Ohio State Buckeyes. That reminds me, I can never remember what a Buckeye is, besides the Ohio State nickname.

According to a Wiki on the internet a Buckeye is an, “Inedible nut-like seed of the horse chestnut tree.” I am going with the Ducks to beat the nut-like seeds. I really don’t know the teams that well, so it’s the best I can do when it comes to predictions. Seems like you should name your school after an edible nut something you can sink your teeth into like almonds or pecans. You can tell I’m not from Ohio.

I’ll be bringing in the new year on my drive home from work tonight so I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2010.. -RL

One More Christmas Photo


I couldn’t resist taking a photograph on the way home from our Christmas Eve party of this decorated home with my Canon G10. It does say holiday spirit in do many ways. I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday and I want to wish you all the best for a Happy New Year. -RL


Coffee + Computer = ?

I found the perfect gift for myself for Christmas next year. It’s a combination iMac and Coffee Maker. Anyone who knows me, “Time 4 Coffee,” knows it’s the perfect give for me. Although, it needs to use those Kuerig K Cups. I’ve really gotten spoiled using their coffee makers. This invention from Kiwidee really fits the bill for two of my favorite hobbies. The inventor of the contraption explains it on his website,Well, that’s the way 53 years have passed by…..and in the present, on offer: coffee making computers with plenty of bass… be continued.” I spotted this on the Engadget website which has a short article about the iMac-Coffee Maker. -RL

Barista-approved mod shoves a coffeemaker,
Mac mini and subwoofer into an iMac DV case

By Darren Murph
Do you have even the slightest clue what you get when you shove a perfectly operational Mac mini, JBL Spot subwoofer and WMF1 coffeemaker into a perfectly defunct iMac DV case? The iMac CS, that’s what. In one of the most bizarre and aspirational mods we’ve seen in quite some time, one Klaus Diebel has managed to combine three devices that wouldn’t typically be shoved within the same enclosure… into the same enclosure. READ MORE…


Serious Christmas Lights

Check out the video by Scott Harrison of These are some serious Christmas light displays which involve computer generated light shows. They certainly blow away my string of bulbs and plastic snowman.


Singing Backwards, Around the Internet


High school YouTube video gets
famous by going backward

By David Colker

The YouTube video from Shorewood High School in Washington state looks normal when it starts. It’s a lip dub — a lip sync of a song done in a single take with numerous students taking part — of the infectious Hall & Oates tune, “You Make My Dreams Come True.”

There are numerous lip dubs online, and this one is pretty much like any other, beginning with an enthusiastic girl running through the halls of the school, mouthing the words. But there are some odd things going on. Some students around her are doing impossible-looking acrobatics as the camera passes by. Objects fly up from the floor. READ MORE…


Got Spam, Nice for the Ego

Spam comments are really getting very smart. They really know how to stroke your ego. spamHere are a few I received today.

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Wow. It?s so sad more people haven?t heard about this site, this article covered just the thing I needed this morning.

Brilliant. I wish more bloggers would take the time to come up with quality posts like this one.

Sunrise Over Donut Hut

Donut2donut1aAnsel Adams was famous for his “Moonrise Over Hernandez” photo in New Mexico. Do you think there’s any chance I could be famous for “Sunrise Over Donut Hut” in Huntington Beach? It’s sort of a matter of perspective and sales. You must have this photograph and it’s worth a lot of money. Did I mention there’s only going to be a limited signed set available? Hey, I don’t live near Yosemite. Time for the commute and a cup of Joe. -RL

iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman ? 2009

Need to Get in the Holiday Spirit

There’s nothing like a little Christmas music and a fuzzy cat to get you in the holiday spirit.

This YouTube video has over 30,000 views. None of my videos get that many. Maybe I need a cat.

Happy Holidays



for a very



and a




A two photo panorama with my iPhone from South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. I used the AutoStitch app to combine the photographs. And, I did use Photoshop CS4 along with an assist from Topaz Adjust and FocalPoint from OnOne plug-in software to adjust the photo. -RL

Found in My Garage: A Box of Blank Apple DVD-R Disk, How Much Did They Cost?

iPhone Photo

I cleaned out the garage today and found this box of blank DVD-Rs tucked away. Go ahead, take a guess what a box of Apple DVD-R media cost a few years ago at the Apple Store. You could pick them up for $24.95, that’s correct five bucks apiece. I think you can buy them now for 10 cents and they’re are a million times faster. Technology just never stand still. Everything keeps getting cheaper but there’s always new cool toys to buy to make up for it. Time for work for me. Have a nice day. -RL

More Christmas Tips

By Robert Lachman

When you?re shooting your holiday photographs or videos try to complete the circle. Think of your holiday celebration as a circle and you?re going to complete each part, from start of the season to finish, getting those photos cataloged with keywords, having prints made or even a small book from the holiday season.

iPhone Photo by Robert Lachman ? 2009

1. Charge your batteries. Nothing is worse than running out of power at the key moments.

2. Clear off your flash cards, move your old photographs to the computer.

3. Buy a new flash card for the camera for more photographs if you need it. They just keep getting cheaper, as the file size of the cameras keep going up.

4. Think about getting some detail shots this year to mix it up. Adding variety really makes for a nice slide show.

5. Close-up photos you might include: ornaments on a tree, candles on a table, the wreath on the door, exterior lights on the house, an overall of the Christmas tree, special holiday plates and settings, food preparation, a clock on the wall, stockings on the fireplace, gifts wrapped under the tree, opening the presents and social gathering.

6. Shoot people in groups. This one take the most work. Think of yourself as a wedding photographer moving around the room putting those groups together into two, three or four people. It?s important to shoot 3 or 4 pics of each group. Move everyone closer together and take another photo. You will increase your odds of getting a nice photo of everyone. You can remove the bad ones later when you edit. Most people only shoot one picture and move on. This is a major mistake. Increase your odds and people will give you credit for being a good photographer. Trust me, I?ve shot thousands of pics at parties or it just seems like it.

Photography with Canon G10 by Robert Lachman ? 2009
Photography with Canon G10 by Robert Lachman ? 2009

7. If you?re using a point-and-shoot camera indoors, a lot of photographers will tell you not to shoot with the strobe because it doesn?t look good. If you?re shooting in a well lit house during the day it may be fine. For the group photos, use the strobe in low light, especially indoors at night. Most point-and-shoots don?t work well in low-light situations. No reason why you can?t try both to see how it looks.

8. Most of the photo editing programs like iPhoto or Photoshop Elements do a nice job of removing red eyes. Learn this feature and your photo snapshots will improve.

9. Remember, you?re going to complete the circle, which includes doing something with the photos. It may just mean getting them into iPhoto with keywords included, making a nice slide show with a program like iMovie or Fotomagico. Don?t forget other options like a book from Apple or Blurb. Sending the photos to everyone on a photo service like Google?s Picasa is cheap and simple. They even have software to export the pics directly from iPhoto. I use it all the time and it?s a breeze. This definitely is a great option I use all the time.

10. And, the most important: BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP. You do not want lose your memories. Have a great holiday!

Is It Worth More than a Cup of Coffee?

slideproject1aBy Robert Lachman
It must be Friday so it?s time for, ?Is it Worth More Than a Cup Coffee??

This week I found an old Kodak slide projector tucked away in the garage. Having a projector was a necessity at one time. Now, who owns a projector? The dusty old projector isn’t worth much so I?m going with the cup of coffee today.

I decided I needed to take a break from writing on Fridays. I need some exercise, so I have started, ?Is it worth more than a cup-of-coffee, Fridays??

Any outside submissions would be greatly appreciated. I just need two photographs (cell phone quality is perfect. That?s what I use). Take a close up of your old technology and any drink: wine, soda, tea or coffee. It couldn?t be any easier. The email address in the left sidebar. Have a nice weekend!

iPhone Weather Pics



Just having a little fun with the weather and my iPhone. The top photo was adjusted with a double hit of the Camera Bag app for the iPhone, the bottom photo was straight out of the camera. Time for work. Have a nice day today. -RL

Topaz Adjust Bundle Detail

By Robert Lachman

If you’re interested in Topaz Labs software plug-ins for Photoshop or Photoshops Elements check out the great deal they’re offering on their bundle of products this weekend for $199. on the PhotoshopInsider website. Also, you can go to the Topaz website and use the coupon code SCOTTKELBY at checkout. The deal ends at 12:00 Midnight EST this Sunday,? December 6, 2009. The software plug-ins include: Adjust, Detail, DeNoise, Simplify, Clean, DeJPEG, and ReMask.

WordPress & My Blackberry Photos


By Robert Lachman

I hope everyone likes the new look of the website. I have converted to the WordPress blogging platform. It just gives me more flexibility and speed uploading the site. Also, I can now work remotely from my laptop at varies locations. I can even post from my iPhone, although, I’m having problems uploading photos with it. One more technical difficulty to work out.

It’s been a very labor-intensive project because there’s no simple way to export each individual post, so I’ve been spending much of my time cutting and pasting. The plan is to catch up by January. It’s really cut back on my ability to write new post everyday, so I’m planning on putting up some of my older classic photos and articles. Thanks to everyone who stops by.treeatpark

Blackberry Photos by Robert Lachman ? 2009 with? an assist from Topaz Adjust and Simplify


Huntington Central Park – Huntington Beach, CA