iPhone 4S Day One

It was certainly time to replace my iPhone 3GS. The battery life was down to a couple hours and the camera features a meager 3.2 megapixels. It was time to upgrade. I do miss the form factor of the older iPhone 3. It seemed easier to handle with the rounded corners, plus it’s sturdier. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped it. It certainly was my best cell so far.

It was just time to let technology take its course. My seven-thousand photos were bulging at the memory seams. I went with the 32G version so I should have plenty of room to operate. It doesn’t seem possible I could fill up all the on-board flash memory, but I suppose it will happen with all the movies, apps, podcasts, audio-books and music available to download.

Now, I have more speed, a new carrier, and an eight-megapixel camera, so I’m really looking forward to giving it a spin. -RL


My New Photo & Mac Podcast

Subcribe to my new podcast on iTunes

I just posted my first podcast on iTunes. It will be my? weekly thoughts on the world of photography, Mac, iPhone and iPad. The podcast will feature my reviews, the latest and greatest, plus an occasionally an interview.

It’s probably not?going to be too groundbreaking, but I’ve always wanted to give it a try. I plan to produce a 15 to 20 minutes a show. If you have any suggestions for topics, be sure to send me a note.

Getting Fired Up For Macworld 2010

Next week is Macworld 2010, the first such event without the presence of Apple Computer, Inc, and I’m not really going to miss them. I hope the event grows and it’s more successful without them in attendance. I go to see friends from around the world and meet some of the smaller developer who are making such great products for the Mac. (Above from Macworld 2009 – left to right) Robert Lachman of Photography And The Mac; David Sparks of MacSparky, Bastian Woelfle of Boinx Software, Victor Cajiao of Typical Mac User; -RL

Photographs by Robert Lachman ? 2009



Macworld All Stars at Macworld Cirque du Mac Party 2009


The Apple iPod Announcement

Steve Jobs made it official, the new Apple iPad is a steveiPadreality and will be ready for shipping in a couple months. It looks very sleek and should compete well at it’s $499 price point with many of the e-readers and mini-notebook computers.

Probably the most important feature, to me, is the availability of the keyboard dock. Also, they have introduced an iPad iWorks app for $9.99 which should make it a more functional computer.

While it’s really not much more than a jumbo iPhone without the phone and camera, it is an amazing piece of engineering. It may be a replacement for a laptop computer for some, but not for me. -RL

Found in My Garage: A Box of Blank Apple DVD-R Disk, How Much Did They Cost?

iPhone Photo

I cleaned out the garage today and found this box of blank DVD-Rs tucked away. Go ahead, take a guess what a box of Apple DVD-R media cost a few years ago at the Apple Store. You could pick them up for $24.95, that’s correct five bucks apiece. I think you can buy them now for 10 cents and they’re are a million times faster. Technology just never stand still. Everything keeps getting cheaper but there’s always new cool toys to buy to make up for it. Time for work for me. Have a nice day. -RL

A Few Miscellaneous Notes


Question: Name ?a place I’m not going to be on Black Friday. If you guessed the Apple Store, you were correct. I don’t plan to be at any mall or the Apple Store during this special one-day event. Knowing Apple, ?it’s not going to be a barn burner.? No $500 laptops, $800 iMacs or Final Cut 1passwordiphonePro at a reasonable price. I’m predicting sort of the same old 10 percent off on a few things I don’t really need…

For those fans of ?1Password software, the real deal is their? iPhone application?offered this Thanksgiving week. They are giving it away for free. It usually sells for $7.99. You get it at a bargain and don’t need to leave the comforts of home…

My Random Thoughts: No Magic

magicmouseBy Robert Lachman
I?m trying to figure out what the new Magic Mouse looks like. Any thoughts or suggestions? It sure is streamlined and at the $69 price point it sure is tempting…

I didn?t feel the magic yesterday at Best Buy when I tried out Apple?s new smooth, sleek, touch-top Magic Mouse. It just felt and looked flat. I guess I need a little more substance with my mouse and a scroll wheel. I?m still waiting for a scroll wheel Apple, not a tiny scroll ball like the last mouse, or a flat top-like the new one….

Apple score one point for their computers and Microsoft scores one point for their variety of mice.

I haven?t tried Windows 7 yet…

Just when I was all set to buy the Kindle ebook reader for my wife for Christmas, Barnes & Noble introduced Nook, their entry into the field. Kindle or Nook? I hate making decisions….

Back to work for me after being sick for four days and having my regular days off. Have a nice week…