My Latest Podcast

Episode #2 of the Photography and the Mac podcast has made it to iTunes. I’m on a roll. Did I say I would try and have one published every week? It’s just a few of my random thoughts each week about all things photography, Mac, iPhone and iPad rolled into a short, quick podcast. I’m planning interviews and reviews soon. It’s just a short trip to the iTunes store to check it out.

This week I talk about getting a new iPhone 4S, along with a few holiday prep ideas.

The band Moostache is featured on the podcast.

Check it out at the iTunes store.

My New Photo & Mac Podcast

Subcribe to my new podcast on iTunes

I just posted my first podcast on iTunes. It will be my? weekly thoughts on the world of photography, Mac, iPhone and iPad. The podcast will feature my reviews, the latest and greatest, plus an occasionally an interview.

It’s probably not?going to be too groundbreaking, but I’ve always wanted to give it a try. I plan to produce a 15 to 20 minutes a show. If you have any suggestions for topics, be sure to send me a note.