Blackberry Photos

WordPress & My Blackberry Photos


By Robert Lachman

I hope everyone likes the new look of the website. I have converted to the WordPress blogging platform. It just gives me more flexibility and speed uploading the site. Also, I can now work remotely from my laptop at varies locations. I can even post from my iPhone, although, I’m having problems uploading photos with it. One more technical difficulty to work out.

It’s been a very labor-intensive project because there’s no simple way to export each individual post, so I’ve been spending much of my time cutting and pasting. The plan is to catch up by January. It’s really cut back on my ability to write new post everyday, so I’m planning on putting up some of my older classic photos and articles. Thanks to everyone who stops by.treeatpark

Blackberry Photos by Robert Lachman ? 2009 with? an assist from Topaz Adjust and Simplify


Huntington Central Park – Huntington Beach, CA