Eraser, Don’t Miss It


Photograph by Lorelei Lachman ? 2010 – Las Vegas, NV

I’m trying to remember the last time I used one of these. Maybe late night writing, a college paper. Certainly don’t miss it. I guess computers are a good thing. – RL 🙂


Oh So Cute, Must be the Saddle Shoes

RL Train4-8-JPEG
I used to be so cute, I’m not sure what happened. It must be the clothes. How can you miss with saddle shoes, gray-cuffed slacks and the extra-wide collar folded out of the v-neck sweater? I wonder if Bed Bath & Beyond sells the amazing train bed spread? I need to get to some yard work and exercise, have a great weekend. -RL



What is Throwback Pepsi?


iPhone Photograph by Robert Lachman ? 2010

I just tried some Throwback Pepsi with lunch. It says it’s made with “Real Sugar.” Is that good or bad, and what concoction are they using to sweeten Pepsi now. There’s not enough time to solve this mystery today, I’m already late for work. -RL

I received this repsonse on twitter from Bastian Wolfle within minutes of my post. It explains the difference. I need to give it one more try, my tastes bud were having a hard time deciding which is better.

@photoandmac did you like it? This is how Pepsi tastes in europe. Real cane sugar instead of corn syrup.

Got Spam, Nice for the Ego

Spam comments are really getting very smart. They really know how to stroke your ego. spamHere are a few I received today.

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Wow. It?s so sad more people haven?t heard about this site, this article covered just the thing I needed this morning.

Brilliant. I wish more bloggers would take the time to come up with quality posts like this one.

A Few Miscellaneous Notes


Question: Name ?a place I’m not going to be on Black Friday. If you guessed the Apple Store, you were correct. I don’t plan to be at any mall or the Apple Store during this special one-day event. Knowing Apple, ?it’s not going to be a barn burner.? No $500 laptops, $800 iMacs or Final Cut 1passwordiphonePro at a reasonable price. I’m predicting sort of the same old 10 percent off on a few things I don’t really need…

For those fans of ?1Password software, the real deal is their? iPhone application?offered this Thanksgiving week. They are giving it away for free. It usually sells for $7.99. You get it at a bargain and don’t need to leave the comforts of home…

Steve Lopez & Nathaniel Ayers

Check out the video from the 60 Minutes segment on homeless street musician Nathaniel Ayers and Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez. It?s based on stories Lopez wrote, and from his book, ?The Soloist,? which will be released as a movie in April. There?s a 15-second ad in front of this very touching and interesting story, but it?s worth the wait.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Check here to read the stories about Mr. Ayers
by Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times.